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REACH. What you need to know

The products offered by Hagedorn-NC, without exception, are preperations and therfore not subject to registration.

Nitrocellulose, the main component of all products offered by Hagedorn-NC, is not obliged to be registered.

Plasticizers, damping agents and pigments which are also part of Hagedorn products, are subject to registration. All of Hagedorn's suppliers have been informed that all uses concerning the manufacturing respectively application of lacquers, printing inks, adhesives and sealing materials must be considered as to be obliged to registration.

Application fields and types

Technical key data HACOCELL and HACOPLAS

Download Technische Datenblätter:
Hacocell und Hacoplast

Type AH 9 I Type AH 15 I Type AH 22 I Type AH 25 I Type AH 27 I Type AH 28 I Type AH 30 I Type AH 32 I
Type H 4 I Type H 7 I Type H 9 I Type H 11 I Type H 12 I Type H 14 Spez I Type H 15 I Type H 17 Spez I Type H 22 I Type H 22 Spez I Type H 22,5 I Type H 23 I Type H 24 I Type H 25 I Type H 27 I
Type H 28 I Type H 30 I Type H 33 I Type H 33 Spez


H: Estersoluble
AH: Alohol soluble
H spez.: Medium alcohol soluble
Damping Agents: Ethanol, Isopropanol, Water or Butanol

Al types are availie in plastisized form - NC-Chips. Available plastizers are: ATBC, SAIB, EPO, ODP.
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