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Hagedorn NC. Colourful facts

Hagedorn can look back to an eventful history of its developments, during which we have moved on quite a bit.

To mark the centenary of the firm in 2006, its history was recorded on paper in the form of the companies chronicle.

More important, however, is to look ahead in order to/ into a further successful future .

Hagedorn's aim is to carry on with its success-story for the next 100 years and master the challenges by continual research development.

Once upon a time...

1886: A. Hageodrn & Co. KG is established/founded, dealing with/in agricultural machinery

1897: Construction of Osnabrück site for the production of bycicle accessories made of wood and cork

1906: Start of celluloid production and founding of the AG

1910: Hagedorn AG starts with it own nitrocellulose production, a pre-production of celluloid. Anewly build site in Lingen is being launched, which is still being operated to this day.

1951: Start of pigment preparations production.

1952: Hagedorn is producing plastisized nitrocellulose for the first time.

The 21st century

2011: Hagedorn continues its success story.

2010: A long-term securement of the pigments preparations by the co-operation with the Italian business Mifar S.r.l. is strengtheining Hagedorn's pigment preparation business. The relocaton of the production from Osnabrück to Rescaldian marks the end of utilising the factory building, which by now is over a 100 years old.

2009: For the first time the entire company is ISO certified, due to the introduction of integral quality- and environmental systems.

2005: Hagedorn AG transfers its chemical business to Hagedorn-NC GmbH. Since then it acts purely as a Holding Company.